Poster Presentation Format

Participants are cordially invited to present the results of their research in the poster format. Each poster can be on display for the whole time of the conference. Authors of posters will be required to be present during their poster session to meet the conference participants and discuss their posters. Authors should submit their posters at the registration desk upon arrival. 

Poster format: The poster boards are in the portrait orientation. Their height is 1.200 mm , the width is 900 mm. The poster does not necessarily have to fill the entire working area. Since posters are graphical presentation of your research, you should use visuals as much as possible. Therefore you should keep the text brief and readable even from a distance (use a minimum font size of 20 points). Your poster title, name and institution affiliation should be positioned at top-centre of the poster.

Hradec Králové Journal of Anglophone Studies

Should you want to publish your presentation in Hradec Králové Journal of Anglophone Studies, follow the submission guidelines.